5 tips for facing a situation of concern and worry, which are also applicable to practice when various emotions or feelings appear:

① Self-awareness: Stay quiet, breathe intently, and notice patiently. Where do your concerns and worries come from?

② Respect individuals: Everyone has their definition, standard, and capacity of concern and worry. It does not mean your views match up with others.

③ Wise discernment: Are the concerns and worries at this moment impacting your pace or life quality? Are they helpful? Unhelpful? Or even much messier?

④ Being with it: Both concern and worry are natural reflections. Do not have to deliberately suppress or eliminate. Just look at them, listen to their voices, feel their existence, and be with them. If you are away from them, remember to take a breath, look at your body, and remind your brain, “Hello! I am here, I am here now!”

⑤ Always ask yourself: What can I do for myself now?

Concern and worry are the elements of human beings. Due to their existence, we are closer to our true selves.

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