Flow is not just the flow of body movements, it can also be the flow of breathing, the flow of feelings, the flow of thoughts, and the flow of energy, etc., and more importantly, the flow of I and the entire environment around me.

Along with the practice day by day whether on the mat or in daily life, I am more accepting of impermanence. For a while, I asked myself if I surrendered the reality of my surroundings or it’s just my thoughts of surrender. I was quite frustrated. Meanwhile, I was aware that it was a part of my life flow! While I was aware of it, I felt much more relieved though I still could feel there is something stuck there. However, I know I have to continue being and flowing with them. And, it is my life reality right now without any doubt!

It reminds me of one idiom of Laozi: “The highest goodness is like water. Water benefits all things and does not compete. It stays in the lowly places which others despise. Therefore it is near The Eternal.” I am kind of struggling for my life reality about impermanent, changeable, unknown, unsure, or unexpected because somehow I imperceptibly brought my anticipations to live with me. Therefore, if one result is not matched up with my standard or even out of my plan, I may feel disappointed. In other words, somehow I feel I do not be paid back the same as I spent out (my efforts). If it repeats, again and again, my passions may be worn out one day. While I am noticing it, I am back to my presence and reminding myself that I am here, I am here. From the last webinar, I set up an action which is to take a 10-minutes meditation a day to constantly remind myself that I am here and it helps at present. At least, in such a messy situation currently, I intend to be like water flowing forward only.

Just flowing like water

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