Continuing my action which I took away from the last webinar, I particularly listened to my body and focused on the subtleties of my daily life. My intention settings during the practice this week were all about basic body requirements such as going to bed earlier than my general bedtime, eating a complete meal, drinking enough water, and lying down on the couch without doing anything for 30 minutes to take a break, etc. They sound pretty common and simple, however, in fact, they are crucially important. Without this essential care, I could not be alive let alone able to enjoy everything that I am passionate about.

Last Saturday was our National Day which is also called Double Ten Day (Oct. 10), so we had a holiday. After my morning practice, I decided to go into the forest again, even though I knew there would be many people traveling around, especially since nobody is allowed to travel abroad currently. I listened to my body and she informed me to drive to one mountain which is located in Central Taiwan. I did an easy hike on one of the trails and then camped on a farm nearby. I was a lucky duck because there were no people staying there except for the farm owner.

That night, it was quite silent, only the few sounds from owls and cicadas. The air was filled with delicate aromas of the many different kinds of flowers and persimmons. Though the temperature was a little bit cool and dry for me, the hot cocoa soothed me. I looked at the sky full of stars and enjoyed my solitude. Yet, it was a contented solitude. At that moment, I realized that I rarely spent time listening to my body subtly. Generally speaking, I am aware of myself in my daily life, but for a period of time, I have not been truly sensing the subtlety throughout my five senses which are the essence of my human experience. While I was noticing it, I was feeling a little sad, but in the meantime, I was happy that I awoke my five senses again and reminded me of “Don’t forget myself!

As a result, I intended to continue this action – listen to my five senses – in my next 7-day practice. Besides, I intended to practice the basics in terms of my daily schedule – eat well on time, go to bed on time, sleep well, and wake up on time.  

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