During the practice this week as well as my long rest because of my surgery, I had a huge bright truth showing up which is LET MYSELF GO. It constantly stood out in my every practice whether in the entire yoga practice, meditation, or the silent walk. It was like a sign and consistently reminded me of letting go. Besides, when I chose a movie randomly on Netflix, there was a movie called “Truth or Die?” showing up in the first row of the list. At that moment, I just thought, “What? For real?” Then, I watched it and yes, it seems not to be so pleased if being true. No wonder most people do not like to hear the truth or tell the truth. In this movie, all characters rather choose “dare” even if it may be a dangerous dare than choosing “truth” because they think telling the truth is ugly and harmful. However, lies make things more complicated, and have to make another lie to cover this lie which is like an unhealthy circle. The result is, truth is buried in a deep place and kidnaps the whole situation imperceptibly. Whereas, the truth sets us free.

Indeed, I have been noticing for a while that I would not like to let go of some work, and also I told myself, “I know that but just be with it.” However, it was not a real “be with it”, instead, in fact, it was like an excuse to convince myself not to face up to it. Because I knew from the bottom of my heart, if I face up to this truth, I have to reconsider all my schedule. It means I have to let go of some classes, and even consider my future. It really bothers me extremely. I have had my life blueprint, and I have been following it intentionally, and also it has definitely been going very smoothly at present. However, my entire energy physically and mentally can not catch up with my process. Particularly, in the last half of this year, I have been sensing my low energy very often, but I have been continually telling myself that I can pass through it. Yet, my body is obviously the most truthful person. She has been showing me different symptoms in many ways, yet I just pretended not to focus on it and kept telling her, “You’ll be fine.” As a result, I have been forcing for taking off for mostly one month! Initially, I felt depressed about my health and did not want to admit I felt weak, anxious, and worried. However, along with webinars and practices, I felt more relieved gradually. In other words, I accepted this truth more and more. While I was accepting this truth, I was feeling lighter and lighter. It felt like rocks were rolling out of my body slowly and gradually.

Truth is freedom

To take advantage of my current situation, I am considering how to rearrange my whole schedule in terms of my life blueprint. In addition, I consider it in terms of my health and energy. Though the income of currency will be decreased, the income of health will be increased. No matter what it will be, it all depends on my choices. Choices lead to different consequences. I know the entire situation so clearly, but how much I am willing to act is another choice.

I am truly thankful for PRYT courses coming at the right time. Or I am supposed to say, PRYT courses further support me to perceive and get into my truth consistently.

Be truthful, to see our own strengths and weaknesses, to see our own like and dislike, and to see our own positive and negative. To see our true-self and truly fully express it. When we are truthful to ourselves, we will also be true to the people and things in front of us.

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