I am still in my recovery mode this week, so every action I did was slowing down. Even though I hurried again because of my habitual behaviors, my body had to tell me to go slow immediately. Then, along with my “body reminder” repeatedly, I became slower and slower day by day. Last Saturday morning, I spent 3 hours making and taking the brunch which was extremely slower than my usual pace. In fact, I did not notice the time, instead, I was so focused on my brunch process. When I finished all dishes cleaning and sit down on the couch, I suddenly realized “Ah, this is Truth in Action”! While I am so present with one action in terms of my body requirement, this is truth in action. In other words, I act with my body, breath, feelings, and sensations synchronously, this is truth in action. The practice from daily life made me see how rush I was before the surgery. Though I felt I have had much more improvement for slowing down, I still have a big space to progress.

The pace of the entire environment where I live makes people hurry and tense imperceptibly. Even if I always remind myself of slowing down, I am still affected by people and things around me. In other words, I still am affected by disturbance and cannot totally stabilize myself. Then, I investigated the underneath of the unstable feeling and realized it was from my mistrust. I mistrusted that I have already done my best just because I did not see the results I expected which also means I cling to the results without any awareness. Therefore, it caused a loop: I did not see the results I expected -> I made much more effort than last time -> got another result which I was not satisfied with it -> made another stronger effort… I was trapped in my trap without hearing any truthful voice such as my body or my energy.

Truth in Action

Along with the experiences whether in my physical health or practices, I realized that only by slowing down my pace I can see as well as listen to my truth clearly. Besides, originally I implemented my truth in terms of the slogan “Only Yes Means Yes” and in fact, I practiced very well. However, now I am more aware of the truth is from my 5 Koshas going synchronously. Simply speaking, while I am acting in one action, my body, breath, mind, sensations, and wisdom/heart are supposed to act together. If I am aware there is one of them feeling not right, I should slow down and even pause for a moment, and then giving myself more time to perceive. Afterward, restart.

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